a compostition from schindelkilliusdutschke,
Neuköllner Oper, Berlin, 2010

They are called “Abendruh / Bergfrieden / Daheim / Ewige Heimat” or “Unter Uns” – the names read like a panopticon of the “German soul” from the Romantic era. However, allotment gardens are currently experiencing a renaissance and have long since ceased to be a German phenomenon: the longing for a summerhouse paradise is now present throughout all ages, all classes and migration backgrounds.Traditionally, these gardens are highly treasured in big cities and are always under the threat to dissapear because of urban development.

The music theatre ensemble schindelkilliusdutschke will bury itself in the basement of the Neuköllner Oper and grow a unique musical-performative cosmos that mixes garden culture and high culture. They will develop a garden, in which the children play, like Moritz Schreber imagined, where nature flourishes and fast and hectic life decelerates for a moment. And yet the music has its own rhythm, its own time, which contrasts with the rhythm of nature as well as that of the city.

Production: Matthias Rebstock
Set design and Projections: Sabine Beyerle & David Reuter
Costumes: Sabine Hilscher

Tobias Dutschke, Rainer Killius and Volker Schindel