Referentinnen - Geschichten aus der zweiten Reihe

Music theatre by the ensemble leitundlause,
Neuköllner Oper Berlin, 2008
and Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin, 2009

Germany under apple blossoms: the government meets for a conference in the gardens of Castle Genshagen – or Neuhardenberg or Meseberg. The press is invited. Harmony and relaxation are displayed, but it is in fact a showdown about power: mistakes have been made, political “consequences” must be drawn, heads will roll. It’s all a question of the perfect stetting….

The main focus of the evening will be on the busy and noiseless work of the speakers of our elected representatives. Under high pressure, they have to find a solution so that “responsibility is taken”, guilt can be repaid and politics can once again run smoothly.

The music picks up this baroque tension between the splendour of power and longing for the afterlife. It covers a wide range from baroque passion music to melancholic exuberance, from Balkan music to songs arranged in a new and weird way.

Director: Matthias Rebstock
Musical director: Knut Jensen
Texts: Tilmann Rammstedt
Set design: Sabine Beyerle, Sabine Hilscher, David Reuter
Costumes: Sabine Hilscher
Dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin
Projections: Sabine Beyerle, David Reuter

Robert Gutowski, Sabine Hilscher, Irmtraud Horstkotte, Astrid Kessler, Deborah Klein, Ursula Renneke, Bärbel Schwarz, Lydia Starkulla, Janni Struzyk, Mariel Jana Supka, Steffen Zimmer

World premiere on 28 August 2008, 8 pm, Neuköllner Oper Berlin