Passagiere im Kegelkeller

A local study about the Passage in Neukölln with the Singspiel- und Spezialitäten-Gesellschaft schindelkilliusdutschke
Neuköllner Oper, Berlin, 2007

Anyone who crosses the “Passage” in Karl-Marx-Str. 131 walks on the roof of an underground, dilapidated bowling alley. Built as early as 1909 in succession to the “Thiel’ sche Festsaal”, the “Passage” has always been a place for entertainment offering a ballroom, a restaurant, a cinema and a bowling alley. It has experienced a long and vivid history until today. The basement was used for cinema, puppet and theatre performances, meat auctions, furniture storage and various spiritual, musical, political and cultural activities as well as for bowling.

The trio schindelkilliusdutschke leads the audience into a past world: from above we still hear the footsteps, voices and noises of a busy day but we are now situated in the leftovers of an amusement park that has been closed for many years. Down here you hear and see different things. In the dust of history, which has left its traces in the “Passage” during an eventful century, we ourselves become passengers on a journey through time where the three musicians and performers find objects and stories that tell their own sounds and music.

Scenic arrangement: Bernhard Glocksin
Stage, Light and Projections: David Reuter and Sabine Beyerle
Costume: Elena Zilinski

Volker Schindel, Rainer Killius, Tobias Dutschke