Kultivieren & Verwildern

Festival for New Music Pyramidale#6, Berlin, 2017

Music Theatre – world premieres of

Samir Odeh-Tamimi: Capricornus
Text by Samir Odeh-Tamimi
Susanne Stelzenbach: ZiegenArt_no border no nation
Text: Tanja Langer, Video: Andre Bartetzki
Annesley Black: listening to Vuntut Gwitchin
Text, pictures and video: Brandon Kyikavichik and others
Kaj Duncan David: formula for escaping the logic of the trap
Text: Martin Lau

In 2017, the focus will be on a large multimedia music theatre evening with four world premieres. Composers from different countries (Germany, Canada, Israel/Palestine, Denmark) are invited to present their own perspectives on the subject of nature, human beings and art. Annesley Black deals with the Vuntut Gwitchin, who live in Northern Canada, and the conditions of an autochthonous culture between independence and assimilation. Samir Odeh-Tamimi focuses on the fundamental relationship between man and nature and asks:”Is art possibly the wildest and the least civilized thing about human nature?“ Susanne Stelzenbach approaches the relationship between humans and animals in the age of the “Anthropocene” with comic-like elements. Kay Duncan David fundamentally shifts the perspective. What if progressing globalization and technology would not necessarily result into a loss, but rather have the potential for a better future?

Director: Matthias Rebstock
Set design and Costumes: Sabine Beyerle, Sabine Hilscher and David Reuter
Images and Sounds: Arne Vierck, Richard Lucchesi

Soprano: Ramina Abdulla-Zadè
Speaker: Mariel Jana Supka
Speaker: Martin Lau

Ensemble Mosaic
Bettina Junge: Flute, Simon Strasser: Oboe, Christian Vogel: Clarinet,
Martin Losert: Saxophone, Ernst Surberg: Keyboard, Roland Nephew: Drums, Chatschatur Kanajan: Violin, Karen Lorenz: Viola, Mathis Mayr: Cello