ObjectTheaterAction by Hermann von Kleist
Theater Junge Generation / Bienertmühle, Dresden, 2009

The Roman army is approaching the German border, the Germanic tribes are divided and quarrelling with each other. A hopeless situation until Hermann arrives. His story of success is about fake alliances with the enemies, ambushes in remote territories, the agitation of the population, unification of opposing lords and ends in a victorious battle. In any case, this is what the legend says according to Heinrich von Kleist. What really happened, back in year 9 somewhere in the marshy Teutoburg forests at the edge of the known world, is more than uncertain. What is certain is that this is the birth of a myth. Hermann, who fights back the empire, becomes a German hero.

But who needs heroes, and why? In a juxtaposition of puppet theatre, object theatre and drama, the hero dissects the myth.

Director, set design, objects: David Reuter
Costumes: Sabine Hilscher
Projections: Sabine Beyerle

Stefan Lohse, Johann Boehncke a. G., Patrick Borck, Christian Pfütze, Barbara Wiemann, and teenagers of the Theater Academy