Exhibition / Installation / interactive performance
Chemische Fabrik, Berlin 2003

During a visit to an exhibition in an old chemical factory, the visitors will be registered by the staff of an employment office. According to their position, they will be transported into the eating machine on an old squeaking conveyor car. There, they became part of a production process that is not fully transparent to them, but which is explained by the staff in the final factory tour. “Clockwise turning pepper” should be produced at different production sites. The work process is interrupted by a refreshment and cigarette break and starts with an extra portion of factory gymnastics. At the end of the day, our chefs serve an African menu in the canteen, which could be topped off with a cocktail composed on the tatschscreen.

Sabine Beyerle, Anna Bösenberg, Nils Dümcke, Maggy Dzikpor, Robert Feldbinder, Anja Fiedler, Rainer Grönhagen, Jörg Heuer, Sabine Hilscher, Delphine Lecamp, David Lehmann, Megumi Oka, Frederik Poppe, Marcel Prüert, David Reuter, Jörg Scherrmann, Nadja Schöllhammer, André Schuhmacher, Aino Stratemann, Maxwell Stratemann