Das Paradies ist überall

Sabine Beyerle & David Reuter

Installation during the exhibition “Paradiesprojekt (M°A°I°S 5)“, Bunker unter dem Alexanderplatz, Berlin 2003 and Kunstbunker Tumulka, Munich 2004
Installation during Kunst 8, cloister and monastery garden in Brüdernkloster, Brunswick, 2007
Installation for the staged walk “Peregrenatio”, Wasserschloss Hülsede, Region of Hannover, 2008

For the installation “Paradise is everywhere” a van was dismantled and, like a ship in a bottle, rebuilt into the a small room of a old WW2 bunker. Visibly restricted in its mobility, the van invited to an inner journey: inside, there was a small post office in which the visitors could write greetings from paradise. The postcards designed by the two artists were stamped and sent to the recipients.

(…)”A caravan, the symbol of the dream of a mobile holiday, was dismantled into individual parts and assembled again in one of the narrow and musty rooms of the bunker. The interior of the vehicle was transformed into a post office of paradise. Deprived of its mobility, the car was mainly used for communication. Paradise is not bound to a “blissful” place in the conception of Beyerle / Reuter. They shift the focus on communication, in which people seek their happiness and find it again and again.“(…)

Burbaum, Claudia; Urlaubsparadies. In: Paradiesprojekt, M°A°I°S 5, Berlin Alexanderplatz 2003, pp. 252-253 (catalogue of the exhibition)